Sea kayaking is definitety one of the best ways to feel nature and the atmosphere of the sea around Miyajima.

Pricing /料金

Beginner Course1  1,5hr 5.000yen

Beginner Course2  2,5hr 7.000yen

Beginner Course3  3,5hr 8.000yen

Intermediate Course 6hr  15.000yen

What's included/含まれるもの

  • all sea kayaking equipment

  • taxes

Rental charge/料金

Clothes up and down   5.00yen

Waterproof camera    5.00yen


  • Prepare to ride a kayak.

  • Practice using the paddle at the beach.

  • Receive explanation of notes.

  • Practice the basic rowing method on the water.

  • Depart to the destination.

The route

Our gear

Meeting place

ご予約はこちら/Booking Form

店  名  MIYAJIMA SEAKAYAK(宮島シーカヤック)

集合場所  〒739-0588  広島県廿日市市宮島町​624

営業時間  8:00~17:00(不定休)

電話番号  070-7565-4932